2019: An Innovative (and amusing) Achievement on the Programme:


"It was way back in 2005 that we began to notice that while elephants would practically destroy every kind of plant and tree in a home garden, they never ever damaged a citrus tree, whether it is a lime, lemon, mandarin, pomelo, or an orange tree. Intrigued by these observations in 2006 we reached out to the Dehiwala Zoo and asked for their support to conduct feeding trials to see whether elephants given a choice will preferentially eat citrus. After conducting several feeding trials we had the hard evidence – elephants do not like to eat citrus!

Excited by this knowledge, in 2006 we established our Project Orange Elephant (POE). It has been 12 years now and what we hear from farmers is more than what we had anticipated ... farmers whose homes had been repeatedly attacked by elephants claim that since they started to cultivate oranges they have had no attacks. The orange trees do not stop elephants from coming into home gardens or going through villages but apparently they seem to discourage elephants from lingering in home gardens long enough to cause havoc.

POE as of now has distributed over 10,000 grafted orange plants to 12 villages in the Wasgamuwa region."

An unusual type of success story that we absolutely loved and wanted to share! Travellers Team

Volunteers in the safari vehicle doing monitoring on the Wasgamuwa Elephant Conservation Project
Conflict resolution ... and all because of orange trees!
An elephant up close on the Wasgamuwa Elephant Conservation Project
Elephants inspire such love and admiration, especially when seen up close.
Elephants on the Wasgamuwa Elephant Conservation Project in Sri Lanka
And back to our favourite animals - elephants!