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We have two infrastructure hubs in South Africa where internships can be provided, Cape Town and Knysna. The Clinics where we have arranged internships for Purdue Students are listed below. They have been given details of the experience that you require by Purdue University (as listed here) and have confirmed that they will be able to provide those experience elements for you.


Knysna nestles on the banks of a beautiful lagoon in the heart of the ‘Garden Route’ of South Africa. It is surrounded by a natural paradise of lush indigenous forests, tranquil lakes and golden beaches, making it a real natural wonderland. Knysna is a vibrant town, buzzing with creativity and energy, and the pulse of good music. It's a place where you can enjoy the mellow atmosphere of street cafes, watching the world go by. The main street is very leafy with trees along the pavements and it has a wonderful vacation atmosphere with sun umbrellas everywhere.

The animal welfare clinic is a privately funded, non-profit organization, solely working for the benefit of animals found mostly in townships and underprivileged areas. Acting and speaking for those who have no voice, the society engages in rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing where possible. They also provide education programmes and daily clinics, as well as operating a weekly sterilization programme.

The Clinic has worked hard to expand and is now able to house 300 to 350 animals in a year. They have managed to sterilize 2,800 animals over 2 years. With the help of interns, they hope to increase these numbers in order to decrease the number of homeless strays and increase the quality of life of other animals. There is a huge shortage of qualified vets and assistants, so your assistance would be very valuable indeed.

At the Center, there are many dogs and cats which, after a quarantine period, de-worming, dipping, feeding, and health checks, will (hopefully) be up for adoption and rehomed. Knysna has a huge problem with neglected and abused animals in the townships that also need to be sterilised. The clinic has a qualified veterinarian so interns studying to be a vet or vet nurse would be a big help.

Interns will have the opportunity to have a wide range of experiences, depending on their level of experience:

  • Assist in the veterinary clinic stitching sutures, cleaning wounds, assisting with animal sterilisation and other surgeries
  • Assist with flea dipping and de-worming
  • Assist in health checks on animals
  • If you are nearing the end of your Veterinary Science degree or you are qualified, we can write to the South African Veterinary Council (SAVC) to get consent for you to do operations on your own.

The clinic also operates rudimentary mobile hospitals, the job nonetheless is professionally executed, regardless of limitations.

Accommodation will be provided at the Travellers Worldwide Volunteer House in Knysna. The house is within walking distance of the town, yet set against a natural green belt. The bird life is prolific and often the local Vervet monkey troop comes to visit and sit on one of the verandahs and balconies around the house. The sunset views from the top balcony of the house overlooking the Knysna lagoon is a great way to relax at the end of the day.

There is a mix of dormitory-style rooms, sleeping up to 6 people, and double rooms sleeping 2 or 3. Bedding and towels are provided and the house is cleaned and maintained by a full-time housekeeper. Facilities in the house include a kitchen, dining area, a number of bathrooms, sitting room with TV, DVD player, free Wi-Fi, and an outside courtyard and garden.

All our internships are priced in Pounds Sterling, but prices in US Dollars are given below, at the current exchange rate (£1 = $1.33). As mentioned, these can fluctuate (they've recently decreased by a few hundred US Dollars because of the weak Pound Sterling!)

  • 3 Weeks: £1,545 / US$ 2,000
  • 4 Weeks: £1,745 / US$ 2,270
  • 6 Weeks: £2,145 / US$ 2,790
  • 8 Weeks: £2,545 / US$ 3,300
  • 10 Weeks: £2,945 / US$ 3,830
  • 12 Weeks: £ 3,345 / US$ 4,350


Cape Town is dominated by a towering, table-shaped mountain, set on a peninsula of soaring, rocky heights and lush valleys, where two oceans converge - Indian and Atlantic. The city is also famous for the "table cloth" of cloud that rolls over Table Mountain. Seeing it in real life is on many people's Bucket List.

Cape Town offers a myriad of things to do and places to see, whatever your tastes, inclinations or budget. Immense natural beauty and the fast pace and bright lights of a great urban centre meld effortlessly. And don't forget those gorgeous beaches!

We currently have four different veterinary internships for you to choose from in Cape Town, all of which are suitable for your requirements. Regardless of which Practice you choose, all are fairly close together, which means you'll share accommodation with any other students or Travellers volunteers on their placements at the same time as you.

PRACTICE 1 (PVHB), Hout Bay:
A well-established small animal practice in Hout Bay (about half-hour away from your accommodation, the beach is in walking distance from the veterinary practice).

The Clinic is a private for-profit clinic, which also does large amounts of charity work for two animal welfare organisations in the area. These organisations service the local townships and keep the practice very busy! This practice offers a comprehensive list of services ranging from primary health care to complicated medical and surgical cases. Specialised veterinary diagnostic equipment allows them to achieve diagnoses in many complicated cases presented to their clinic.

The caseload is limited primarily to dogs and cats, but is very varied within that field. They practice high-quality medicine (in-house digital x-rays, ultrasound, biochemistry & haematology machines and full surgical suite dealing with orthopaedic and soft-tissue surgeries) in a friendly and caring environment.

The staff complement is 3 full-time vets and 1 part-time vet, 1 full-time qualified vet nurse and 1 part-time vet nurse. The 2 experienced kennel-hands complete the clinical team. All staff are fully trained and veterinarians regularly attend accredited continuous professional training to remain current with the latest developments in the veterinary industry.

In order to concentrate adequately on giving Purdue students the best attention and learning opportunities possible, they limit the number of concurrent placements to two. You’re guaranteed careful mentorship and professional discussions, as well as numerous opportunities for practical involvement in cases. Such interaction will no doubt benefit their professional staff, too.

This is an Animal Medical Centre where various fully qualified and registered veterinary specialists, as well as vets with special interests, practice independently to offer advanced diagnostic and treatment options. These include the registered veterinary specialist clinics of Internal Medicine and Dentistry and the special interest clinics of Homoeopathy, Acupuncture and Ophthalmology.

The Clinic is always open and staffed by vets and nursing assistants 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The Clinics states: “Routine treatments and preventive medicine like vaccinations, deworming and micro-chipping are also given our full attention and are performed with the same passion and attention as the emergency care of a car accident victim or simply preventive sterilization. CAMC’s veterinarians and veterinary nurses lovingly look after patients in the hospital and provide critical care to patients in the High Care unit to ensure best-of-care at all hours. Our patients remain under care 24 hours a day in temperature controlled kennels.”

Facilities include a range of diagnostic, monitoring and laboratory equipment, high-detail ultrasound, ECG, X-rays, Doppler and automated blood pressure measuring equipment, pulse oximetry and anaesthetic and intensive care monitoring equipment, fluid infusion pumps, intensive care oxygen therapy and oxygen ventilator support.

The surgical theatres are well equipped with monitoring equipment, hydraulic surgical tables, and excellent surgical lighting and isoflurane inhalant anaesthesia systems. They also have a mechanical ventilator to use, for example, on paralysed snakebite victims.

For students wanting to specialise in Dentistry, this Clinic has an internationally qualified and recognised veterinary dentist and oromaxillary surgeon and offers advanced dentistry as well as oral surgical options. They also specialise in repair of oral trauma and congenital abnormalities.

Since January 1998, the clinic has dealt with many exotic cases apart from cats and dogs (like elephants, various cats, lion, tiger, cheetah etc., Bontebok, Wild Dog, Nilgai deer, Babirusso etc). Experience with exotic animals can’t be guaranteed while you’re there, though.

This Clinic is a fairly big practice established 4 years ago that provides on-site, round-the-clock quality and compassionate care for small animals in and around Cape Town. They are part of a group of practices, the head practice being an Equine Specialist facility located on a huge farm in the Drakenstein. At this facility they deal with breeding, training, stabling and care of horses.

The Clinic, which is where our interns are based, is one of four 24-hour vet services in the Western Cape. There are 5 full time vets and they do rotations to cover the 24-hour service. There is a vet nurse (who is not on duty at nights), plus a number of kennel hands.

They encourage a good relationship between doctor, patient and owner, and emphasise personal care and attention for each pet. They deal mostly with cats and dogs, and the occasional other type of pet, but they do also refer to specialists when necessary.

They have a well-equipped hospital with all the latest x-ray equipment and they have an in-house laboratory. They have oxygen equipment, and various other specialist items. Some of the vets do part-time work at a local charity animal care facility.

This is an intimate clinic that treats dogs, cats, small pets and birds only. They treat medical and surgical cases and have radiology and laboratory facilities on site. They use the area specialists for complex medical and surgical problems as well as referral to holistic practising veterinarians. Their hours are restricted to weekdays and they don’t have 24 hour observation of animals, but they do have regular check-ups on the animals.

The services they provide include:

• Preventative health
• Medicine and surgery
• In-house laboratory and radiology
• Grooming of dogs and cats
• Puppy socialization courses

This is a small practice, with only one full time vet, a vet nurse, secretary, manager and a few kennel hands. It is situated on the Main Road in Rondebosch and is very accessible to locals. The premises is an old redecorated house, in a small garden set back off the road and it has a well-stocked vet shop which carries a large variety of pet products. The practice offers a number of extra care opportunities like grooming for dogs and cats and kennelling for cats whose owners are away.

The day starts at 7.30 in the morning, but actual consulting hours start at 9.00 a.m. They consult from 9.00 until 11.00 and then do surgery and procedures until 4.00 p.m. Next consulting times are 4.00 p.m. until 6.00 p.m. on weekdays. Saturday consulting hours are from 9.30 until 12.30. Sundays they are not open.

The animals they see are mostly cats and dogs, but they do also have occasional other childrens’ pets like hampsters, rats, etc. They work hand in hand with the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association. The hospital section has the usual x-ray machine and diagnostic equipment.

It is a friendly and comfortable practice and students will enjoy working there. Space here is limited as they can only take one or 2 students at a time.

All our internships are priced in Pounds Sterling, but prices in US Dollars are given below, at the current exchange rate (£1 = $1.33). As mentioned, these can fluctuate (they've recently decreased by a few hundred US Dollars because of the weak Pound Sterling!)

  • 3 Weeks: £1,695 / US$ 2,195
  • 4 Weeks: £1,895 / US$ 2,465
  • 6 Weeks: £2,395 / US$ 3,113
  • 8 Weeks: £2,895 / US$ 3,760
  • 10 Weeks: £3,395 / US$ 4,410
  • 12 Weeks: £ 3,895 / US$ 5,060

• Arranging the internship
• Full pre-departure support and assistance
• Payment Protection insurance
• In-country Orientation
• Accommodation
• Food (interns receive a food budget)
• Meeting you at the nearest Airport to the project.
• Transfer to your accommodation
• Daily transport to and from your project: Knysna only
• Local in-country team support and backup
• 24-hr emergency support
• Certificate of Completion

What's not included:
• Flights
• Insurance
• Cost of Visas
• Daily transport to and from your project: Cape Town only
• Return transfer to the airport.


Flights: Flights: A return from Atlanta GA: $1000
Due to Purdue University being based near Indianapolis, It would be better for students to buy a return ticket from Indianapolis to Atlanta GA (roughly $180.00)

FOR KNYSNA PROJECT: Connection flight from Johannesburg to George: $100
Therefore the total price would be about $1280 Return.

FOR CAPE TOWN PROJECTS: Connection flight from Johannesburg to Cape Town: $100
Therefore the total price would be about $1280 Return.
Daily transport to and from placement: Approximately $8 per week.


For any questions relating to the work content of the Internships, please contact:
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