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We wanted to say a big thank you and give something back to our projects around the world who do amazing work in their local communities… 365 days a year and 8 days a week.

If you reserve a project within the next two weeks, we will subsidise your programme by GBP 100.00.* This means that you save yourself GBP 100.00, enabling us to provide the project with your much needed and invaluable help.

Here are just some of our projects' fantastic achievements over the past year:

Why Join a Project?
  • Gain hands-on valuable skills on the ground.
  • Exciting Travel, but with a purpose!
  • Make a difference!
  • Get £100 to you to subsidise your Programme!
Volunteer Heather Oliver caring for children in a Creche in Brazil

Care for Children in a Crèche on the Island of Florianopolis
"These little children have learned many words in English just by playing with the volunteers every day, even if they're not yet old enough to read or write.As a result of their daily interaction with volunteers, the children have been showing a happier behaviour and self-confidence. This has come about as a result of them receiving a lot more individual attention and this is something they should benefit them throughout their educational years."

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A volunteer monbitoring elephant behaviour on the Wildlife Conservation project in Wasgamuwa, Sri Lanka

Elephant and Wildlife Conservation in Wagamuwa National Park, Sri Lanka
"The support provided to the project by the volunteers and their contributions has made it possible for theus to establish projects that have helped to create co-existence between people and elephants. Due to the projects it has been possible to reduce human elephant conflicts by nearly 99% in the project region. Famers’ income has increased by 212 percent and today the most villagers’ have a more tolerant attitude towards elephants."

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A volunteer feeding a baby duiker (buck) on the Wildlife Rehabilitation and Release project in South Africa

Care for Animals at a Wildlife Rehabilitation and Release Centre in Kwazulu-Natal
"In December 2016 alone, 22 vervet monkeys were rescued, 101 geese, 304 garden birds and over 200 other mammals! We wouldn’t be able to do it without the help of our volunteers. Thank you guys!"

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A volunteer working with street children on the Care project in Ecuador

Care for Disadvantaged Street Children in Quito
"For many years we have provided volunteers to the programme and, as a result, have helped fund and sponsor the project to send the children to school. Our funding has also helped out with any costs that the family may not be able to cover, like school uniforms, books, materials etc. Through the help of volunteers on the programme, many families are off the streets and have found somewhere to live. When possible, some have even found a job."

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* Excludes Care and Conservation of Orang-Utans at the Sepilok Orang-Utan Rehabilitation Centre in Borneo
* You must book a project and pay your £99 deposit to qualify
* £100 will be credited to your outstanding balance once your project is confirmed