Conservation volunteering projects abroad involving Whales, Dolphins, Sharks, Turtles and other marine wildlife that you can do as part of your work experience, gap year or career break, or just as a volunteering holiday.

We have a varied selection of unusual and exciting Marine Conservation and Research projects around the world. You can cage dive with the Great White Shark in South Africa, Scuba dive on pristine and untouched coral reefs in Malaysia, or monitor Dolphins in Australia or South Africa ... unbelievable!
Make a difference ... get involved!

Volunteering with Dolphins in Western Australia

Volunteer with Dolphins in Bunbury, Western Australia
Contribute to the well-being of dolphins in an idyllic setting at a non-profit Centre committed to dolphin research, education, conservation and tourism. The Centre enables people to interact with Bottlenose dolphins in a variety of ways.

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caring for turtles and their conservatioin in Indonesia

Turtle Conservation and Rehabilitation on Nusa Penida Island
Work on an island a 45 minute speed boat ride from mainland Bali. You'll contribute to collecting vital baseline data and, depending on time of the year, you may identify turtle species, collect eggs, monitor nests or see hatchlings get safely to sea. During the day, you'll also teach English at one of the local schools on the island.

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Dive Resort Manageament work experience in Borneo, Malaysia

Scuba Diving and Dive Resort Management Internship in Borneo
Based on the colourful and exotic island of Pulau Tiga, off the coast of Malaysian Borneo. This Diving project includes learning to dive and assisting with the running of a dive centre on the paradise island of Pulau Tiga, the location of TV's "Survivor" Game Show. Includes Scuba diving courses and learning to teach others, and helping to run the Diving Resort Centre.

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Spotting Whales and Dolphins while volunteering in Marine Conservation in South Africa

Whale and Dolphin Monitoring And Research in Knysna
Joining this Marine Research programme will expose you to all aspects of this exciting industry, from conservation and research of Whales and Dolphins, to all other aspects of the day-to-day running, including marketing, liaising with clients, crewing and guiding on the boats, doing land-to-sea observations/spotting, assisting with community projects and educating the local children about the sea and lagoon.

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Conservation with the Great White Shark in South Africa

Great White Shark Project near Cape Town
View the Great White Shark in its natural environment, either from a boat or an underwater cage. You'll also see Cape Gannets, Bryde Whales, Cape Fur Seals, Dolphins and Jackass Penguins. You'll receive training in White Shark biology, research, behaviour, conservation, changing attitudes, shark attacks, basic seamanship, underwater filming, still photography and shark tourism.
Weather permitting you'll go to sea frequently, working with the sharks from above and below the water. Much emphasis will be placed on observing behaviour and the interactions of sharks around the boat.

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Conservation work with Dolphins, Whales and Shharks in Sout Africa

Multi-Marine: Work with Dolphins, Whales and Sharks near Cape Town
This placement is exciting! Work with Sharks, Whales, Penguins, Tourism, Research and Community Development, and you’ll also regularly see Dolphins and lots of Seals.
You’ll be taught by skilled field teams. You'll go out to sea frequently and get involved with observing behaviour and interactions of marine species around the boat.

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Help with Turtle Conservation in Sri Lanka

Help with Turtle Conservation in Ambalangoda
This Project works towards preventing the extinction of sea turtles, a critically endangered species. You will help in the rehabilitation and release back into the sea of turtles that are usually victims of commercial fishing.
You'll assist in treating injured and sick sea turtles, protecting nests, and rescuing eggs so that they can be hatched without incident in the safety of our hatchery.

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