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Group Size:
26: 23 students, 3 teachers
Destination Country: South Africa
Type of Programme: Tailored Sports and Conservation with Adventure Activities, in Knysna.

Hi Andrew, Finally found a moment to myself where I can give you some feedback on the trip. It is extremely short and full of praise as I would not have changed a thing about it at all.

In Sharon you have the most wonderful of organisers who was an inspiration and a pleasure to meet. She ensured that everything ran smoothly and effectively which resulted in us having the time of our lives!

Accommodation was to a good standard although there were issues in the main house with the plumbing in the self contained flat downstairs. The group understood that the water was not always going to be hot and worked within this remit which was not a problem at all. Lounge area was a great base for everyone although the sofa's had crumpled and had seen better days but this added to the feeling of adventure and independence for our students.

Phillip was a great host in the alternative [additional] accommodation and was an excellent choice for us to stay as well. There were no issues whatsoever.

As previously mentioned excursion were fantastic. I can't believe everything we had crammed into one trip. I would definitely recommend your company to schools and individuals looking to travel with you in the future.

I have another trip planned in my head so I am sure you will be hearing from us shortly!

Kind regards,
Mark Hanson
Curriculum Leader of Physical Education
Argoed High School

Hi Mark, Many thanks for your email, it's great to hear from you. I completely agree with your comments regarding Sharon. She is wonderful and we're extremely proud to have her.

Thank you also for your feedback about the accommodation which I will review with Sharon and I'm glad the second accommodation was excellent.

I would also like to express how amazing all your students were on the trip; it was inspiring to see the interaction and commitment your school has with its students. We truly appreciate everything Awen, Stephanie and especially yourself did before and during the trip. Although we are extremely proud of the programmes and opportunities we provide, without the input of volunteers like your school none of the support we provide the incredible communities we work with would be possible. By your school embracing the experience during the trip is what has contributed in making this trip the time of your lives. We truly look forward assisting your school in future ...

With kind regards
Andrew Kemp
Operations Director, Travellers Worldwide

From a personal perspective I feel that the trip to South Africa has truly affected the young people that went. They appear more confident in themselves around school and more aware of what is going on in the world around them. They appear to have a great appreciation of what they have also.

From a school point of view we have seen a great increase in the number of pupils’ actively engaging in sport. Not only that but we have had a significant increase in those wishing to coach and as a result have a number of clubs now ran by those pupils.

From a community point of view the trip has been incredible. People have spoken to the school about the trip and what an amazing opportunity it was for the pupils who went.