GHANA ... Akwaaba and Welcome!


Overwhelming hospitality, lots of religions, languages, music, dancing, socialising. But the very best of Ghana is the people - very friendly, so prepare yourself to be welcomed into their lives! You can help the community in a wide variety of projects, from Teaching and Care for preschool children, to coaching sports or gaining work experience on an internship.

Please see our list of brief descriptions below, then click on the link to read all about the project.

Volunteer to Teach Underprivileged Children
                    in Schools in Accra in Ghana

TEACHING: Teach Underprivileged Children in Schools in Accra
Meet a generation of eager students and help improve their education - as a teacher in Ghana! Make an impact by sharing your knowledge as you teach subjects like Math, English, History, Science and Foreign Languages. You'll be encouraged to introduce your own ideas and get involved with extracurricular activities as well.

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Human Rights Law
                    Work Experience
                    Placements in Ghana

Human Rights Law Work Experience Placements in Accra
Gain experience in the day-to-day running of a law practice specialising in Human Rights. You'll gain invaluable insight into human rights through interesting cases and by taking on a wide variety of tasks.
You'll be given opportunities to have a case or two of your own where you will interview clients, write letters and notifications concerning the cases or attend Court. You could find yourself working on cases, working on research projects or writing articles about current topics and human rights issues.

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Medical Work
                    Experience Programme
                    in Accra in Ghana

Medical Work Experience Programme in Accra
Work in a private hospital that also operates an NGO that focuses its efforts in 40 communities in the Okakoi Submetro of Accra. They raise awareness about the prevention and management of Malaria, TB, HIV and Non-communicable diseases.
You'll be involved in the day-to-day activities of the Hospital, observing the doctors and nurses.

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TV Production Work
                    Internship in Accra in Ghana

TV Production Work Experience Internship in Accra
Work alongside a TV production team, from the concept idea for a piece, to the production of the model. The Studio actively encourages its interns to create new ideas and to be very much part of the team.
The Studio is located in Accra and is the first Media Prima's broadcasting station outside Malaysia.

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Print Journalism
                    on a Newspaper
                    in Accra in Ghana

Print Journalism on a Newspaper in Accra
A unique opportunity to be part of a local newspaper. You'll be able to get involved in assisting the Journalists with getting stories, gathering your own information, taking photos, writing reports, editing and more.
For people who want to gain a different, African perspective of journalism, this is definitely the placement to give you great experience.

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Radio Journalism
                    on a Radio
                    Station in Accra in Ghana

Radio Journalism on a Radio Station in Accra
Be part of an exciting radio team in the heart of Accra. The station works on news and entertainment. If you have past radio experience or you are studying a related subject, then it is likely you will have plenty of freedom to express ideas and create your own work assignments.
You could find yourself involved with preparing news stories and researching and editing features.

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Volunteer to Coach Football to
                    in Ghana

Coach Football to Children in Accra
Coach football in dusty fields in Africa ... Many children in Ghana don’t receive proper coaching and they lack basic ball skills and understanding of Football. You'll teach them how to use their raw talent more effectively.
You'll work with a number of schools, coaching football during lesson times and coaching the school teams after school. You'll also combine your coaching with some normal teaching, such as English, thus giving you a wider range of experience.

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Make the most of your time there! To help you do that, we've put together some exciting activities, courses and tours that you can add to your itinerary. These are designed to be fun, but also to enable you to learn, and expand your personal and professional development enjoyment ... but mostly for your enjoyment! :-)

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