FIJI ... Welcome to the "Home for Happiness"!


Travel to this wonderful Island country of Fiji, embrace the beautiful beaches and the tropical islands that are home to some of the happiest people on Earth! The love their food, festivals, rituals and the arts. You can teach children in schools and kindergartens, work in the community helping with construction and renovations, assist with healthcare ... and much more.

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Heathcare and healthcare education in Sigatoka in the Fiji Islands

Community Healthcare and Healthcare Education in Sigatoka in Fiji
Contribute to the good health of the locals of Fiji. Because they mostly live in villages, they have little or no knowledge of hygiene or of a balanced and nutritious diet. This leads to a wide range of diseases, like high blood sugar, cholesterol, hypertension etc.

This healthcare education initiative is in its infancy and requires the skills of both established medical and healthcare professionals and those who are interested in teaching basic first-aid and personal hygiene. Come and make a difference while enjoying the "home to happiness" islands!

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Community Development, Construction and Renovation in Sigatoka in the Fiji Islands

Community Development: Construction and Renovation in Sigatoka in Fiji
A great project to keep you active, fit, and creative. Bring all your creative elegance to renew and build beautiful structures for children and the local communities which suffered as a recent of the recent cyclone disaster.

You'll take part in construction and renovation projects to help develop infrastructures for the local community and also for the school children. You'll help to renovate or build parks, playgrounds, classrooms, kindergartens and more, so join us on this beautiful island and help to make a community happy!

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Teach disadvantaged children in Suv in the Fiji Islands

Teach Disadvantaged Children in Suva in Fiji
Live in the beautiful Island town of Suva in Fiji and teach children of various age groups. You'll make a very significant and worthwhile contribution.

You'll teach different age groups in different levels. With or without teaching experience, you'll have a positive influence on the children and you'll be made very welcome in these "home to happiness" islands.

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Sports education and sportscoaching with children in Fiji

Assist with Sports Education in Suva in Fiji
This new sports education project is designed to create a relationship between children and you through recreational activities and coaching children in various activities. You'll be free to be creative!

You'll work with different age groups at different levels of ability. With or without experience, the children will gain immensely from your help.

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