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Art, Dance, Music or Drama help teach children life skills, communication and socialising skills.
And it's fun!

Teach Art, Music, Dance and/or Drama in schools in poorer communities. The Arts are an excellent means of communicating and HUGE fun for the kids! You don't need any qualifications, just lots of enthusiasm. Make a difference - get involved!


Voluntary Teaching of Drama and Music to children in Argentina

Teach Drama or Music in Buenos Aires
As part of a general Teaching Project. In schools in Argentina, you'll work as an Assistant to the Teacher, teaching a number of subjects, including English, Drama and Music. The Project is based in Bueno Aires, the flamboyant capital of the country.
Salsa Courses and Tango Courses are available if you'd like to add an extra Latin creativity to your placement! You can do courses as an Optional Add-On concurrent with your main Project.

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Volunteer to teach Drama to children in India

Teaching Drama to Children in Schools in Madurai
Teach Drama to children from the ages of 5 to 12, mainly at matriculation schools where English is taught as the main language. The Principals at the schools are very keen for the children to develop their acting skills and you'll have free rein on devising your own lessons. Teaching Drama is a great way for children to practice their English in a creative way. If you have a passion for acting and a love of children, this is an excellent project for you! You may even be able to put on a production at the school.
You'll normally teach 4 to 5 classes per day.

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Teaching Music to Children in New Zealand

Teach Music to Children in Schools in Auckland
You'll work as an assistant teacher and you'll also have the opportunity to teach Drama, English and a choice of other subjects, if you'd like to.
As an Assistant to the Music Teacher, you'll have the opportunity to work one-to-one and in small groups with the children to assist them with their music and really give them the attention they need. A very enjoyable and worthwhile project!

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Teach Drama, Music and Dance to Township Children in South Africa

Teach Drama, Music and Dance to Underprivileged Children in Knysna
These very poor township schools are located in the beautiful beach resort of Knysna and you'll have huge impact on the children. Some of things you could do include:

  • Organising and putting on drama workshops
  • Organising an after-school drama club (and possibly even during lunch break) or drama sessions during school-time for pupils.
  • Helping the local school children to put on a small-scale productions in Drama, Music and/or Dance
  • Devising and performing educational pieces of theatre (on issues such as bullying)
  • Helping out with conversational English classes

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Teach Arts & Crafts, Drama, Music and Dance to Children in Zambia

Teach Drama, Music, Dance and Arts & Crafts in Livingstone
Work in a poor school located in Livingstone, a town close to the famous Victoria Falls. You'll normally teach a mix of subjects which will include Drama, Music, Dance and Arts & Crafts. You'll assist the teachers to start with, but depending on your ability, you may be given complete control of a particular class or group. The schools are very poor secondary and primary and you will generally be asked to help out with any age groups.

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I've just had the most incredible day. The warmth I was given by the children and staff was quite something. Don't think the kids had seen anything like me before. They either pointed and smiled or just came up and hugged me. A number of them asked me if I was a pop star! Adrian Tate, teaching in South Africa