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Profiles of some of the Animals at the Sanctuary


 Jasmine and Jasper are from Letsatsie La Africa Breeding programme in Vierfontein (Free State). 

Jasmine is 3 years old, Jasper is 2 years old.  Cheetahs reach sexual maturity at 5 years old, so they will breed then. They are not from the same gene pool. 

They are entirely wild but Sandy did sit 3 meters from them the other day and they didn't stir.

10 July 2006: There are now six cheetahs on the project (3 males and 3 females)

BUFFALO:  10 buffalo will be released in January as soon as a fence has been fixed.  They will roam free in the Game Reserve.


Another new resident to the Sanctuary is Smirnoff, the Jackal.

Travellers volunteer Wendy Cooper is trying her best to hold him up for his photo opportunity, but he's quite an energetic handful.


Duiker is a female duiker buck, a baby who has no 'name' but as known by everyone as Duiker.. Sandy is going to make special booties for her. so that she can walk on the stumps of her legs.  She was brought into the Sanctuary by a member of the public when she was found after the fires. She's still very young, only a few months old.  Although she was born wild, she is extremely tame and loves to be handled and visited by the volunteers.  It took nearly 6 weeks for the damaged hoofs to fall off entirely, even though Sandy was treating them to try and save them.  It's amazing she survived at all as the shock would normally kill the animal.  Sandy and Percy have been using a very successful injection to relieve stress - it's called Fluvet Injection.  So far they have had an 100% success rate in not losing an animal to stress.


Two 2 month old Grysboks who are being bottle fed.Harry was orphaned by his Mum.  This happens a lot with small buck, apparently the maternal pull is not very strong.

Sally was caught in a snare and the wire was so deep it had reached bone. She was brought in by a member of the public and has been nursed back to health very successfully. The scar tissue is finally healing.

JBAY NATURE RESERVE:  A lot of walkers use the trails through this area and many of the animals brought to the sanctuary are from here.  A week old orphaned mongoose arrived today & Harry & Sally came from here.


The two babies are being looked after here by Travellers volunteer Wendy Cooper.

These pups were rescued from their burrow in the Karoo after their parents were killed.

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BIRDS:  The most well loved bird is an Indian Minor who is called Lovely after it's continual "Lovely, Lovely Lovely!" chant.  The mousebirds are a firm favourite with the volunteers as they are the friendliest of all the birds they look after.  They come to sit on their shoulders and head when they are feeding the birds.  They peck lovingly at their ears while they work.


Wild and domesticated animals together, sleeping comfortably in the knowledge that they're both in the safe, secure arms of their carer (or, in this case, legs!).

This is what conservation is all about - looking after threatened and abused animals and giving them safety, security and a good quality of life.

Thanks to all our volunteers for helping to make this happen!